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Our quality policy and organizational responsibility is to ensure total customer satisfaction and safeguard the interests of all our stakeholders.

Pitchesh Foolad Sepahan Company works to create a dynamic and sustainable unit, with the goal of participating in the sustainable development and self-sufficiency of the country’s industry, gaining competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets, and providing quality products in the field of producing all kinds of nuts and washers required by the automotive industry.

Customer orientation, adherence to national and international standards, providing and maintaining benefits and fulfilling the satisfaction of all stakeholders, and creating development for a better life, are the company’s core missions.

Honest advice and clarification on activities, responding to the logical, legal and ethical needs of customers and other stakeholders, maintaining customer relationships even after the contract is completed, timely and appropriate fulfillment of commitments, respect for the rights of all stakeholders, and diligence in individual and organizational growth and excellence are the core values of our mission.

The company is committed to adhering to the standards, laws and regulations governing the quality of our customers’ products and requirements, fully adhering to principles such as anti-bribery policies and anti-corruption policies, fully committed to being a compassionate, expert and committed employee of the most valuable assets of any organization. , Incorporate the IATF16949: 2016 Standard of IATF16949: 2016 into the workplace, addressing all stakeholders and striving to acquire, maintain and share organizational knowledge and experience across all elements of the organization; Committed to fulfilling the following aspirations in order to improve effectiveness The quality of the organization’s quality management system is:

  • Relying on the principle of customer orientation and paying attention to the current and future needs of the customers.
  • Paying attention to the ideas, suggestions, wishes and needs of the employees and paying the salaries, wages and benefits of all employees in a timely manner.
  • Nurturing human capital through creating equal opportunities in learning and sharing organizational knowledge and experience, as well as training and developing the staff to achieve the competence, awareness and knowledge which fits the organizational duties and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining and improving the quality of products to achieve zero waste in line with increased market share.
  • Improving product delivery performance and timing of orders received.
  • Continuously improve performance at all levels and processes by adhering to ethical principles and paying attention to corporate social responsibility.

I hereby undertake to oversee the implementation of such systems, provide the necessary resources, and conduct a management review to ensure its effectiveness. I strongly believe that the fulfillment of these missions and commitments can only be achieved through empathy, co-operation, and the active participation of all employees in making decisions, comprehensive observance of ethical principles and social responsibilities, development of the quality culture, continuous improvement of the processes and accurate implementation of the plans.

Akbar Javadi – CEO