Weld nuts

  • Dimensions: M6 to M10
  • Standard Items / Quality Class: 5,6,8,10 DIN, SAE, AISI
  • Product standard: PSA C214210, KES E-B016 JIS B1196


Weld nut is used where a nut needs to be welded. The most common weld nuts in the market are hexagon and square. On one side of the hexagonal weld nuts, there are three projections by which the weld nut is welded to the desired place.

  • Dimensions: M6 * 1.00 –M8 * 1.25 –M10 * 1.50
  • Application: Automotive Industries and… ..

Types of weld nuts:

  1. Square weld nuts
  2. Hexagon weld nuts

Weld nut material

Weld nuts are manufactured in low carbon steel. Their grades are currently 6 and 8 based on PSA C214210.

Weld nut standard

There are different standards for these nuts, but the most common standards in the production of current weld nuts are KES E-B016, JES B1196, DIN 929, PSA C214210.


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