Simple and ribbed flange nuts

  • Dimensions: M6 to M8
  • Material / quality standard: 5,6,8,10 DIN, SAE, AISI
  • Product standard: DIN 6923, ISO 4161 PSA C213340


Product Name: Flange Nuts

Dimensions: M6 * 1.00 –M8 * 1.25


Ribbed flange nuts, as the name implies, are fitted with a fixed gasket that can attach two sections to a better quality without the use of additional gaskets. Flange nuts are manufactured and marketed in two simple and ribbed types. Ribbed flange nuts will be hard to open after closing, due to the presence of tread on the flange surface and will not loosen easily due to slip and vibration.

Application: Automotive, Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemicals, etc.

Types of flange nuts:

  1. Simple flange nuts
  2. Ribbed flange nuts

It should be noted that the above simple nuts are manufactured with various coatings including cold galvanized coating and hot galvanized coating.

Material of flange nuts:

The flange nuts are made of carbon steel (low carbon). The quality class of these nuts is currently 8 according to the PSA C200020 standard.

Standard of flange nuts:

There are different standards for this nut, but the most common ones in the production of current flange nuts are PSA C213310 and DIN 6923.


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