HV washers

  • Dimensions: M12 to M36
  • Material standard / quality class: DIN 17200 22H
  • Product standard: DIN 6916


Product Name: HV washer

Dimensions: M12, M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M36


Washer is a ring made in various forms in the industry. Washers have various applications in a variety of screws, nuts and fittings. According to the standards, different types of washers are manufactured with different inner, outer diameters and thicknesses which depend on the type of screw and nut, the load, the amount of corrosion, and so on. HV washers belong to the family of flat washers. One of the most useful connections in the industry is the HV washer. HV washers are used in all types of hard and semi-hard steels. The HV washer evenly distributes the pressure created by the nut connection to the surface evenly.

Application: HV washers are often used in construction industries. These washers are also used in marine equipment and petrochemical industries.

Material of washer nuts:

HV washers are usually made of CK 45 steel. The hardness of HV washer is between 295 and 350 HV which is applied to prevent crushing and loss of the form of HV washers. So, it can be said that for the production of HV gaskets, simple carbon steels and heat treatment should be used. One of the most affordable and available heat-treated steel is CK45 steel, which is mainly used in the production of HV washers.

Standard of HV washers:

There are different standards for this washer, but the most common standard for the production of current HV washers is DIN 6916.


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