Flat washers

  • Dimensions: 10mm to 50mm
  • Material / quality standard: DIN9H, 22 H
  • Product standard: DIN 125, ISO 7089 FRA C 225310


Product Name: Flat washer

Dimensions: 10mm to 50mm


Washer is a ring made in various forms in the industry. Washers have various applications in a variety of screws, nuts and connections. According to the standards, different types of washers are manufactured with different inner, outer diameters and thicknesses which depend on the type of screw and nut, the load, the amount of corrosion, and so on. Flat washer is the simplest and most accessible washer; used for distribution of low loads or as a spacer.

Another type of washer is a flat fender washer. The Fender Washer is like a usual flat washer, but the surface area is larger and the outer diameter is increased. These features have made this nut more strike-resistant. This type of washer is used for soft metals such as aluminum, etc.

Application: Flat washers are often used in automotive, construction, petrochemical industries, etc.

Materials of washers:

Washers are made of different materials. Available washers are ST12, ST37, and ST52. Some washers usually refer to terms such as 316 or A4 stainless steel that express the material. A4 and A2 grade stainless steel materials are resistant to corrosive environments. Of course, A4 grade is also resistant to salt and marine environments.

Standards of flat washers

There are different standards for this washer, but the most common standards for the production of current flat washers are PSA C 225310 and DIN 125.


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